How much does Ashtanga Yoga Teacher training course certification cost in Hyderabad?

Ashtanga yoga, defined as found in Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, is an eight-limbed path towards a state of yoga known as samadhi. There are a lot of institutes that offer yoga teacher training courses but do not include ashtanga yoga as it is very challenging, and there is no easy way to put it. For new bees, it can be very intimidating and challenging.

But for those who are passionate about taking their teachings to a good level and want to attain the eightieth stage of samadhi, the ashtanga yoga teacher training course Hyderabad is the answer. But how much will it cost you?

The ashtanga yoga course can cost you anywhere from around 74,000 INR to 100000 INR. Many people may wonder about the high cost of the certification, but the amount of practice, experience, and skill that it takes for a teacher to teach the aspirants is something the price is worth for.

The course fee covers the study material of yoga, refreshments, free pickup service from the airport, and if you want private accommodation, it will have some additional charges.

The course includes practices and teaching methodologies of primary series of ashtanga yoga. The primary series consists of the 70 asanas, linked sequentially by vinyasa. In the first two weeks of the course, you will get detailed instruction in primary series practices, and then approximately in the third week, the instructor will move with the Mysore style of yoga training. In the fourth week, the course directly gives the opportunity to the aspirants to teach the other trainees. We offer to teach training to others because it is essential to impart it correctly to the students after learning Ashtanga yoga. Because it is the teacher’s responsibility to teach in such a way that even the nature of ashtanga yoga is tough and challenging, students do not lose hope in between and can continue with the practice.

If you want to delve deeper into this field and are ready for such a challenge, then ashtanga yoga is for you. If you want to indulge in a blood-pumping set of yoga postures, enjoy the heat of the primary series Ashtanga yoga, it might be possible that becoming an ashtanga vinyasa yoga teacher is the right career for you. But unfortunately, not all yoga teacher training courses indulge in ashtanga vinyasa yoga, and some offer it in an extended curriculum. In contrast, some do not offer it at all due to fewer candidates who can successfully do it.

So you have to choose an institute that offers this as well, and then Krishna Yogashala is the right choice for you. The ashtanga course offered by us is carefully structured and planned to make it possible for the aspirants to do so. Our yoga instructor has years of experience in this field and is trained for it so that they can carefully and skillfully impart knowledge to their students. We help our students develop their teaching style and respect that, and that is why we have cultivated such teachings and courses to accommodate the styles of every individual learner.

Though difficult, ashtanga yoga comes with its benefits. Improved postures, calm mind, increased strength, and good concentration. When we practice ashtanga yoga daily, it helps increase the body’s flexibility and lengthen the body’s muscles. It is generally recommended to practice six days a week. Originally the six-day practice was done in a Mysore style. It is a style in which the trainee follows his breathing rather than the teacher guiding the whole class in the same movements.

It is open for all, from beginners to advanced trainees who want to delve deeper into the yoga practices. Of course, we focused more on the beginner-level students and guide them all along in the beginning. But once they become familiar with the procedure and the practices, they are allowed to practice on their own and are guided only when needed. We want to clarify that for learning the ashtanga yoga teacher training course Hyderabad you do not need to know the primary series’s sequence beforehand. Our teachers are here to guide the primary series according to the poses.

In starting, you might be able to do only 20 to 30 minutes of a session and gradually will be able to increase to half an hour. The safest way to learn it is to learn one posture at a time and focus on that posture until you master it and then move on to the next. These classes are offered early in the morning as it is the best time for meditative practice.

So, doing ashtanga yoga is best to delve deeper into the yoga practices and postures. If you are looking for an institute that offers it, Krishna Yogshala will be ideal.

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