RYT 200 hours yoga teacher training

ryt 200 hours yoga teacher training in Hyderabad India

The RYT 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training course for becoming a specialist yoga exercise teacher is a distinct as well as a life-affirming journey. Our extensive yoga teacher training programs bestow the essential tools to kick-start your yoga as an effective yoga teacher as well as likewise to strengthen your yoga practice and knowledge. We provide a modern strategy that integrates the approach that mixes with the philosophy, methodology, ancient, and modern yoga, cutting-edge teaching methods consisting of anatomy, and the therapies of Yoga exercise. This has been created to make you extra autonomous and skilled as a yoga teacher while substantially progressing your very own method.

RYT 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training

About ryt 200 hours yoga teacher training

Our RYT 200 hours yoga teacher training course is an extensive program made to offer you the intellect, abilities, and self-confidence to teach yoga. Your 200 hours Hatha Yoga teacher training course journey with us is as much regarding strengthening your own yoga technique as it has to do with acquiring the abilities to teach others. We excitedly count on the value of your own yoga journey of exploration and experience on the growth of your special individual voice as well as design as a yoga instructor.

In addition, Krishna Yoga School in Hyderabad uses numerous yoga practice teacher training courses with the primary concentrate on the classical Exercise of 200 Hour Hatha Yoga Teacher Training course Program which is appropriate for all degrees of yoga professionals worldwide that desire to strengthen their knowledge as well as experience of Hatha Yoga exercise and wish to go after yoga teaching as an occupation.

The standard Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Course Program at our yoga school in Hyderabad is just an unbelievable transformation for you. The curriculum of the program is made as though it will reinforce your individual method and permit you additionally to utilize your very own experience in the yoga world by beginning to mentor others with self-confidence.


Course Duration

200 hour training certification course is of 3 months. The students can choose either weekday classes or weekend classes. For further details call +91 9441306921

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Once you get the knowledge of yoga as well as a spiritual technique by attending our ryt 200 hours yoga teacher training course program. Additionally, this program assists in attaining a serene and healthy balanced state of your body and mind. After the effective conclusion of the 200-hours Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Program at Krishna Yoga School; the certifications signed up with Yoga alliance U.S.A. are offered to yoga students which are worldwide legitimate as well as a possibility to begin your career.

RYT 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Hyderabad India
RYT 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Certification

Ryt 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Course Overview

The RYT 200 hours yoga Teacher training course program in India provides a comprehensive educational program of genuine, typical Yogic methods as well as additionally personalization according to today’s requirements for attaining healthiness. This training course consists of methods as well as a training approach from conventional Yoga exercise to deliver the best yoga experience to practitioners and beginners.

Ryt 200 Hours hatha yoga teacher training course

  • 200-hours Hatha yoga training course is an ideal course to start the teaching classes of yoga
  • Basic knowledge and fundamental elements of yoga anatomy and physiology.
  • This TTC course program is for general people
  • This program offers an assurance of obtaining a way of living in addition to just discovering a whole lot concerning the methods.
  • This training likewise shows exactly how to focus the mind while exercising the positions and also some strategies to urge others to focus.

Benefits of our ryt 200 hours yoga teacher training

  • This yoga teacher training at Krishna Yoga school will enhance and deepen your knowledge
  • It helps to develop better connection between your body and mind as well as strengthen your self-confidence
  • Increase flexibility, remove stress, and give peace of mind
  • It helps to find out your inner strength
  • It increase your capability to hold the postures, asana, as well as strong you physically and mentally.

Why you should join Krishna Yoga Shala School

  • You will enter into our comprehensive community when you enrol yourself in our ryt 200 hours yoga teacher training program.
  • As a result of this, you’ll get to know that other trainees experiencing the same procedure as you in the process, and you’ll constantly experience assistance and support the entire method.
  • Our program is everything about training you on exactly how to teach individuals, not courses.
  • Since yoga exercise is greater than an exercise yoga exercise is a way of living, its individual, and it’s a method to absolutely purchase on your own.


Experienced Teachers

With Krishna Yoga Shala instructors’ experience of teaching Yoga, both in person and on camera, they have truly created a studio experience online. While one instructor leads the class in practice, the other pays close attention to alignment and posture modifications of individual students. Our lead Instructor Krishna, who has been shooting for daily television yoga series in ETV, is no novice to the field of virtual teaching. He draws from this experience to lead a class with precision and cues that are clear and to-the-point. Nikhil, our co-instructor, has been successfully conducting virtual private classes to students from different time zones.

  • There will be online practice lessons teaching Alignment, correction, usage of props of intermediate, beginners and advanced yoga postures.
  • All the lessons will be conducted on zoom.
  • The philosophy lectures will be taught in interactive live sessions that everyone can take part in the discussion. And queries can be cleared.


Highlights of the Online RYT 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training

  • By joining the online yoga teacher training you will have the ability to change careers without affecting your current job.
  • With an online yoga teacher training program, you will get the training at a lower cost.
  • Register your name with this RYT 200 hours yoga teacher training program and you will have lifetime access to this digital course.
  • Another highlight of this yoga teaching course is that you will get to know how to start and run a yoga exercise teaching business on your own.
  • This program allows you to work at your own pace and time.
  • No matter, where you are, you can get access to this course wherever you are and whenever you required it on your cell phone.

Yoga teacher training Class schedule

Batch 1
6 - 7 AM
Batch 2
7 - 8 AM
Batch 3
8 - 9 AM
Batch 4
6 – 7 PM
Batch 5
7 – 8 PM
Mon Asanas, Pranayama ( Hatha & Vinyasa) Asanas, Pranayama ( Hatha & Vinyasa) Asanas, Pranayama ( Hatha & Vinyasa) Asanas, Pranayama ( Hatha & Vinyasa) Asanas, Pranayama ( Hatha & Vinyasa)
Tue Asanas, Pranayama ( Hatha & Vinyasa) Asanas, Pranayama ( Hatha & Vinyasa) Asanas, Pranayama ( Hatha & Vinyasa) Asanas, Pranayama ( Hatha & Vinyasa) Asanas, Pranayama ( Hatha & Vinyasa)
Wed Asanas, Pranayama ( Hatha & Vinyasa) Asanas, Pranayama ( Hatha & Vinyasa) Asanas, Pranayama ( Hatha & Vinyasa) Asanas, Pranayama ( Hatha & Vinyasa) Asanas, Pranayama ( Hatha & Vinyasa)
Thu Asanas, Pranayama ( Hatha & Vinyasa) Asanas, Pranayama ( Hatha & Vinyasa) Asanas, Pranayama ( Hatha & Vinyasa) Asanas, Pranayama ( Hatha & Vinyasa) Asanas, Pranayama ( Hatha & Vinyasa)
Fri Restorative/Yin ( All Day ) Restorative/Yin (All Day) Restorative/Yin (All Day) Restorative/Yin (All Day) Restorative/Yin (All Day)
Teacher's Training Course
7:30 AM to 11.30 AM
Teacher's Training Course
11.30 AM - 12.30 Noon
Sat Teacher's Training Aerial( prior booking)
Sun Teacher's Training Aerial( prior booking)


S.No. Course Duration Cost
1 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Rs. 50,000
2 200 Hours Online Yoga Teacher Training Rs. 40,000


Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ 200

Yoga is a combination of physical exercise and meditation. We are offering full 200 hours of online yoga teacher training for beginners as well as practitioners. Besides, this online teacher training program has two modules: Module 1- Practice and Theory, both will be taught online. Module 2- Theory will be taught online and practice will be conducted at our Yogashala. You can choose according to your need and can register yourself either through our website or directly make a call to our registered mobile number.

You are not expected to miss out on any kind of class. Unless you have a severe ailment or clinical emergency, you are anticipated to go to all the classes. If you miss out on courses you will certainly be offered projects to comprise the moment, these will certainly be identified by the yoga master as well as will certainly guarantee you fulfill the needed hrs of research study to certify.

They will certainly happen on the application Zoom, for which accessibility will certainly be provided to all trainees. Our technological group will certainly aid every trainee independently in arranging this software program in your PC/Mobile/Tablet. It’s extremely simple and also easy to use where all trainees will certainly have the same accessibility to your yoga exercise fitness instructor in HD Video Clip Top Quality.

For live streaming yoga classes you need a few things certainly which are- Laptop, Yoga Mat, Bluetooth speakers or Headphones, Better connectivity, and dedication to learning yoga for teacher training.

After every session, there will certainly be a Spare time where you can remove your questions with your fitness instructor straight. We have actually all accredited and also well-skilled instructors that are carrying out yoga exercise sessions.

Yes, after completion of the online teacher training program you will get your completion certificate under the authority of Yoga Alliance. Krishna yoga is a certified and authorized yoga training center from International Yoga Alliance USA. Our all yoga teacher training is registered with the International Yoga Alliance.

No, All our yoga classes will be scheduled as per prior booking, yet we have different-different timing to engage our students. Our Classes are scheduled from 6 AM to 9 AM and 6 PM to 8 PM.