RYT 300 hours yoga teacher training

ryt 300 hours yoga teacher training in Hyderabad India

The ryt 300 HOURS YOGA TEACHER TRAINING course Hyderabad is the 2nd level of yoga teacher training course Hyderabad that is the advanced version of 1st level of yoga teacher training course Hyderabad. A 300 hours program is the more innovative and advanced skills training course for trainees looking to take their personal practice, teaching skills, and strengthens their understanding as well as the method to the next level. ryt 300 hours yoga teacher training program is created for those pupils that have finished an authorized 1st level yoga teacher training course and certified by the Yoga Alliance teacher training course Hyderabad.

RYT 300 Hours Yoga Teacher Training

About ryt 300 hours yoga teacher training

While your training is going through in the First level Best Yoga teacher training center Hyderabad India, you made a variety of explorations during your training. Among those explorations would take you to the acknowledged that yoga has countless opportunities. Moreover, a ryt 300 hours yoga teacher training course program is barely enough to find all that yoga needs to provide. The 300 hours yoga teacher training in India at Krishna Yoga Shala, Hyderabad will provide you additional knowledge in your field area of typical yoga.

Course Duration

This certification course is of 3 months. The students can choose either weekday classes or weekend classes. For further details call +91 9441306921

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Our ryt 300 hours yoga teacher training program is certified and approved by the International Yoga alliance teacher training course Hyderabad, the USA, which fulfills as well as surpasses their global criterion.

Uplifting as well as keeping high criteria of Yoga exercise, KYS makes certain optimal top quality and the most effective yoga environment. The educational program has been formed based on the requirements of the Yoga Alliance teacher training course Hyderabad and the skill-based programs are instructed by licensed Yoga teachers.

In, Krishna yoga shala Yoga certification teacher training Hyderabad is one of the best options to get knowledge about yoga, and here you will get certification for your training, the benefit of certification is like you serve it to your clients worldwide.

Yoga teacher training center in Hyderabad is the best way to get a boost in your career, In Hyderabad, you will be trained under experienced trainers, who are masters in this field.

RYT 300 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Certification

Ryt 300 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Course Overview

The key emphasis of this program will get on sequencing each kind of design of yoga courses. Significant interest will be offered to the concepts, technological elements, and structural parts of 300 hours Hatha Yoga teacher training course, vinyasa, Ashtanga, Iyengar, and Yin Yoga exercise course. Much of your time will be invested in increasing your expertise of asanas while taking note of the essential placements and anatomical frameworks to strengthen your method along with finding out just how to teach others securely. On top of that, you will acquire an extensive understanding of pranayama, meditation as well as philosophy.

Ryt 300 Hours hatha yoga teacher training course

  • Help you to advanceyour teaching skills and personal practice in Hatha.
  • Deepen your understanding of fundamental and challenging “advanced” Asanas and therapies.
  • It deepens your yoga knowledge and develops skills for teaching Hatha yoga
  • Depth knowledge of the history and origin of Hatha yoga Asanas and yoga philosophy.
  • Extensive knowledge of Hatha yoga anatomy and physiology
  • Required for running safe classes of different ages, backgrounds, and experience levels.

Benefits of our ryt 300 hours yoga teacher training

  • This course will help you to become a true Yogipreneur.
  • With the completion of this Yoga teaching, training course not only increases your teaching skill but also helps you to become a leader in Yogic Community.
  • By joining this course, you will deepen your yogic skill, knowledge, and more strengthen your yogic relationship with you.
  • This course will help you for understanding more yoga modalities to enable you to teach varied classes.
  • This course will improve your health, increase your flexibility, and better your body connection with the mind.

Why you should join Krishna Yoga Shala School

  • You will enter into our comprehensive community when you enrol yourself in our RYT 300 hours yoga teacher training program.
  • As a result of this, you’ll get to know that other trainees experiencing the same procedure as you in the process, and you’ll constantly experience assistance and support the entire method.
  • Our program is everything about training you on exactly how to teach individuals, not courses.
  • Since yoga exercise is greater than an exercise yoga exercise is a way of living, its individual, and it’s a method to absolutely purchase on your own.

Experienced Teachers

With Krishna Yoga Shala instructors’ experience of teaching Yoga, both in person and on camera, they have truly created a studio experience online. While one instructor leads the class in practice, the other pays close attention to the alignment and posture modifications of individual students. Our lead Instructor Krishna, who has been shooting for daily television yoga series in ETV, is no novice to the field of virtual teaching. He draws from this experience to lead a class with precision and cues that are clear and to the point. Nikhil, our co-instructor, has been successfully conducting virtual private classes for students from different time zones.

  • There will be online practice lessons teaching Alignment, correction, usage of props of intermediate, beginners, and advanced yoga postures.
  • All the lessons will be conducted on zoom.
  • The philosophy lectures will be taught in interactive live sessions that everyone can take part in the discussion. And queries can be cleared.

Highlights of the Online Yoga Teacher Training

  • By joining the online RYT 300 hours yoga teacher training you will have the ability to change careers without affecting your current job.
  • With an online yoga teacher training program, you will get the training at a lower cost.
  • Register your name with this yoga teacher training program and you will have lifetime access to this digital course.
  • Another highlight of this yoga teaching course is that you will get to know how to start and run a yoga exercise teaching business on your own.
  • This program allows you to work at your own pace and time.
  • No matter, where you are, you can get access to this course wherever you are and whenever you required it on your cell phone.

Yoga teacher training Class schedule

Batch 1 6 - 7 AM Batch 2 7 - 8 AM Batch 3 8 - 9 AM Batch 4 6 – 7 PM Batch 5 7 – 8 PM
Mon Asanas, Pranayama ( Hatha & Vinyasa) Asanas, Pranayama ( Hatha & Vinyasa) Asanas, Pranayama ( Hatha & Vinyasa) Asanas, Pranayama ( Hatha & Vinyasa) Asanas, Pranayama ( Hatha & Vinyasa)
Tue Asanas, Pranayama ( Hatha & Vinyasa) Asanas, Pranayama ( Hatha & Vinyasa) Asanas, Pranayama ( Hatha & Vinyasa) Asanas, Pranayama ( Hatha & Vinyasa) Asanas, Pranayama ( Hatha & Vinyasa)
Wed Asanas, Pranayama ( Hatha & Vinyasa) Asanas, Pranayama ( Hatha & Vinyasa) Asanas, Pranayama ( Hatha & Vinyasa) Asanas, Pranayama ( Hatha & Vinyasa) Asanas, Pranayama ( Hatha & Vinyasa)
Thu Asanas, Pranayama ( Hatha & Vinyasa) Asanas, Pranayama ( Hatha & Vinyasa) Asanas, Pranayama ( Hatha & Vinyasa) Asanas, Pranayama ( Hatha & Vinyasa) Asanas, Pranayama ( Hatha & Vinyasa)
Fri Restorative/Yin ( All Day ) Restorative/Yin (All Day) Restorative/Yin (All Day) Restorative/Yin (All Day) Restorative/Yin (All Day)
Teacher's Training Course 7:30 AM to 11.30 AM Teacher's Training Course 11.30 AM - 12.30 Noon
Sat Teacher's Training Aerial( prior booking)
Sun  Teacher's Training Aerial( prior booking)

300 HOURS Yoga Teacher Training Class Schedule

S.No. Course Duration Cost
1 Ryt 300 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Rs. 65,000
2 Ryt 300 Hours Online Yoga Teacher Training Rs. 50,000


Nalini Sharma
Nalini Sharma
I completed my 200-hour Teacher Training Course with Krishna Sir, and I must say he is one of the most knowledgeable, grounded, and dedicated instructors I have ever had the pleasure of learning from. The course was well-structured and challenging, which is essential for developing the skills needed to become a competent yoga teacher. I took the teacher training course online and didn't feel at a disadvantage compared to students attending in person. Krishna Sir ensured I received the proper attention and corrected me whenever needed. I chose to become an instructor to share the benefits of yoga, helping others feel better, sleep better, think better, and ultimately live better by becoming the best versions of themselves. This goal would not have been achievable without Krishna Sir's guidance and dedication to the practice. His course is exceptionally thorough and provides all the tools required to become a successful instructor. I highly recommend this training institute to anyone seeking to deepen their yoga practice or pursue a career in yoga teaching.
Bindu Bhatt
Bindu Bhatt
I Thank Krishna sir very much for putting together such a fascinating and eye-opening course. This gave me an opportunity to learn the history of yoga, the meaning of it and how to be a true yogi. Here the 200hr training includes not only the New teachings but also the traditional yoga which includes philosophical aspects of yoga (best part). After attending training, I was able to meditate well which wasn't possible until coming to Krishna yogashala along with practicing asanas in right alignments. Krishna Sir is very knowledgeable, informative and a good teacher. Being strict though, he'll make us learn every aspect of yoga and concentrates on every student. Best part is post-training, we have the opportunity to attend class in Shala twice a week to enhance your practices in sir's classes.
Keerthi Tejaswini
Keerthi Tejaswini
I have completed my Yoga TTC from Krishna Yogashala. I was introduced to different styles of yoga, like Hatha, Ashtanga, Vinyasa, restorative yoga and different Pranayama techniques. I realised the equal importance of pranayama along with asanas after joining TTC. Every asana was taught with proper instructions, which includes correct body alignment and breath pattern. We also had Yoga Philosophy, history and Yoga anatomy classes. Yoga anatomy helped us in practicing/teaching asanas carefully, without leading to any injuries. Yogashala environment is also very nice and keeps you motivated. If you are looking for Yoga classes or Yoga TTC, Krishna Yogashala is the best option.
aishwarya 0201
aishwarya 0201
I did my Yoga Teacher training(RYT 200) from Krishna Yogashala. Before joining TTC I was doubtful about this process, but now I am very happy with my decision.Krishna sir is a great teacher, even though I had no prior yoga experience, sir classes help me push myself and made me comfortable in yoga. I can see lot of improvement in my strength, balance, inner peace and flexibility .Though I had to attended some of my classes through online sir instructions were so perfect and precise and guided me for perfection.I also learned a lot about yoga anatomy and philosophy during TTC. KYS is one of the best places for yoga TTC. I would like to thank Krishna sir for supporting me through out the journey
Ram Kiran
Ram Kiran
Helped me battle a lot and introduced me to a new hobby. Krishna can be strict though.
Krishna Yoga Shala in Hyderabad is a sanctuary of tranquility, offering a serene space for yoga practice. Led by passionate instructors Krishna Sir , each class is tailored to meet individual needs, fostering growth and well-being. With a variety of classes, from Hatha to Vinyasa, and specialized workshops, there's something for everyone. The studio's impeccable facilities and peaceful further enhance the experience, providing a haven for reflection and relaxation. More than just a yoga studio, Krishna Yoga Shala cultivates a sense of community where students and teachers support each other on their journey. It's a place to nurture mind, body, and soul.
anusha ginjupalli
anusha ginjupalli
I completed my yoga teacher training course at Krishna Yoga Shala in December 2023, and it was truly the best decision I've made. Throughout the 3.5-month course, we delved into various yoga styles, each with a clear purpose. Krishna sir also guided us through yoga philosophy, the limbs of yoga, and, crucially, anatomy, deepening our understanding of the true essence of yoga. Thorough explanations of class design were provided, and we even had the opportunity to create our own classes. If you're seeking daily yoga classes or a teacher training course, I am confident this is the right place for you.
Ruchi Singh
Ruchi Singh
Wonderful place for attending yoga sessions. The instructor is very good and ensures that asans are done properly. Highly recommended.
bhavani lakkarusu
bhavani lakkarusu
This is a great place to learnand/or practice Yoga. It is located in the centre of the city but once you step into the Shala you feel at peace, it has very positive vibe/energy. I had pcod and thyriod, My health improved a lot after going to yoga You wouldn’t see instant results, but you will see the results on consistent practice. Krishna sir motivates and ensures that his students are attending the class which is a great feature Overall, i feel this yoga shala is quite different from others
Pullamsetty Madhuri
Pullamsetty Madhuri
I did 200hrs teacher training course in Krishna yoga shala..It is very good opportunity for me.Krishna sir teaching very well and concentrate every one..I reduced some weight in three months course time..After two pregnancy I put on so much of weight but also I joined and completed course.. Every one eligible to start yoga teacher training course and also Krishna sir give you good guidance..All the best to new joiners..

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ 300

Yoga is a combination of physical exercise and meditation. We are offering full 300 hours of online yoga teacher training for beginners as well as practitioners. Besides, this online teacher training program has two modules: Module 1- Practice and Theory, both will be taught online. Module 2- Theory will be taught online and practice will be conducted at our Yogashala. You can choose according to your need and can register yourself either through our website or directly make a call to our registered mobile number.

You are not expected to miss out on any kind of class. Unless you have a severe ailment or clinical emergency, you are anticipated to go to all the classes. If you miss out on courses you will certainly be offered projects to comprise the moment, these will certainly be identified by the yoga master as well as will certainly guarantee you fulfill the needed hrs of research study to certify.

They will certainly happen on the application Zoom, for which accessibility will certainly be provided to all trainees. Our technological group will certainly aid every trainee independently in arranging this software program in your PC/Mobile/Tablet. It’s extremely simple and also easy to use where all trainees will certainly have the same accessibility to your yoga exercise fitness instructor in HD Video Clip Top Quality.

For live streaming yoga classes you need a few things certainly which are- Laptop, Yoga Mat, Bluetooth speakers or Headphones, Better connectivity, and dedication to learning yoga for teacher training.

After every session, there will certainly be a Spare time where you can remove your questions with your fitness instructor straight. We have actually all accredited and also well-skilled instructors that are carrying out yoga exercise sessions.

Yes, after completion of the online teacher training program you will get your completion certificate under the authority of Yoga Alliance. Krishna yoga is a certified and authorized yoga training center from International Yoga Alliance USA. Our all yoga teacher training is registered with the International Yoga Alliance.

No, All our yoga classes will be scheduled as per prior booking, yet we have different-different timing to engage our students. Our Classes are scheduled from 6 AM to 9 AM and 6 PM to 8 PM.