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Krishna Yoga Shala, conducts yoga classes and Yoga Teacher training program in hyderabad.

Situated in the midst of the busy IT hub at Kothaguda, Krishna Yoga Shala allows you to absorb Yoga as an experience rather than as a mere workout.

Whether you pursue yoga as a spiritual path or for its psycho-physiological benefits, we understand that yoga is a methodology for developing a deeper experience of yourself and the world.

Yoga Teacher training at KRISHNAYOGASHALA

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What We Offer

At Krishna Yoga Shala, we offer yoga classes based on globally acclaimed approaches of yoga such as the Sivananda yoga. Our techniques help one to build their endurance, flexibility, and strength by facilitating aspects of yoga, diet, pranayama, Online Yoga Courses and a variety of asanas combined with de-stressing concepts like proper rest and proper thinking approaches.

Teacher’s Training Certification

TT Certification

Comprehensive 200 & 300 hours teacher’s certification course registered under RYT200 Yoga Alliance

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Group Sessions

Group Sessions

Walk into our soulful yoga space to practice yoga to discover your inner peace and flexibility in your body.

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Corporate Classes

Corporate Classes

Structured and re-energizing classes to calm the mind and soothe the body from the stresses of a hectic corporate lifestyle.

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Aerial Yoga Course

Aerial Yoga Course

Aerial yoga classes are fine using a suspended hammock which enables one to do difficult posters easily.

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Teacher Training Certification Program

Teacher Training Certification title-icon

The TTC at Krishna Yoga Shala helps you to attain that feeling of joy. We bring you our 200, 300 hours RYT certification that qualifies you to teach yoga at a global scale.


RYT-200 Certification

The TTC at Krishna Yoga Shala helps you to attain that feeling of joy. We bring you our 200 hours RYT certification that qualifies you to teach yoga at a global scale. Our breathing, meditation, and approaches to yoga enhance their spiritual awareness and mental state of mind that they then pass on to their students

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RYT-300 Certification

This 300-hour program will not only add more to your existing knowledge but prepare you to teach and practice yoga comfortably at deeper and advanced level, with an added intent to help you on your spiritual journey to inspire your future students

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Advanced Teacher Training Course

Feel the happiness of sophisticated yoga in the exotic grandeur of South India. Developed for certified Krishna yoga instructors this effective as well as transformative four-week training course takes you to an extra extensive degree of spiritual understanding

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Online Teacher's Traning Course In hyderabad

Have you tried to search inside your mind or inner being in the chaos of your daily life? Have you ever wondered when you talked to yourself to bring joy and peace in your life?

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  • You will enter into our comprehensive community when you enrol yourself in our 200-Hour Yoga teacher training program.
  • As a result of this, you’ll get to know that other trainees experiencing the same procedure as you in the process, and you’ll constantly experience assistance and support the entire method.
  • Our program is everything about training you on exactly how to teach individuals, not courses.
  • Since yoga exercise is greater than an exercise yoga exercise is a way of living, its individual, and it’s a method to absolutely purchase on your own.
Yoga Classes
Yoga Classes

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Meet Our Instructor

Krishna Kumar

Director & Founder

Krishna Kumar, founder and director of Krishnayogashala is a yoga practitioner, instructor, facilitator, and Teacher-Trainer.
He has 12+ years of experience in teaching, training, mentoring, and coaching students in diverse fields of yogic sciences and arts. Teaching is an integral part of his persona. He combines his enthusiasm and facilitation skills with his lifelong passion for yoga to today teach, mentor, and empower both yoga practitioners as well as yoga teachers.

Style Of Yoga

Vinyasa Yoga teacher training course is a high intense yoga where we flow from one posture to another posture. It helps in weight loss toning, builds strength and endurance.
Hatha yoga is a traditional form where we hold the postures for a longer period of time with an awareness of breathing.
Ashtanga Yoga teacher training course is a high intense fixed and challenging sequence with ujjayi breathing.
complimentary styles of yoga to destress and calm with relaxation postures
breathing techniques of 3 types
yogic mediation and yogic sleep completely relaxing
we use props like blocks, chairs, and belts to do the yoga postures, which includes Yoga teacher training cost, Accommodation.
yoga postures on Hammocks especially going upside down in a fun way and with the support of an Aerial Hammock.

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Ashtanga Yoga teacher training course Hyderabad

Our Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training Course is an intense plan made to give you the know-how, capabilities, and assurance to educate yoga exercise classes based upon the Ashtanga Primary Series type. Your yoga instructor training experience with our company’s certified yoga instructors in Hyderabad is actually as much regarding deepening your personal technique as it has to do with gaining the skill-sets to instruct others. Our team passionately cares about the value of your very own adventure of exploration and experience in the development of your one-of-a-kind private style as a yoga teacher.

Krishna Yoga Shala Ashtanga teacher training course Hyderabad is located on the 8 legs of Ashtanga yoga exercise, certainly not only on the Asana method. There is a great deal of focus positioned on Yamas, Niyamas, Pranayama, pratyahara, meditation procedures, and mindfulness also. This complete educational program covers Yoga philosophy ancient Yoga Sutras, yogic way of living as well as ethics, yogic diet plan, physiology, as well as anatomy for yoga exercise teachers as well as practitioners, and many more topics connected to the method of planting a balanced life.

This training course observes the improved laws of Yoga Alliance, for that reason, upon conclusion of all sessions and ultimate assessments, you will certainly acquire an accreditation eligible to be enrolled with International Yoga Alliance. Our yoga shala providing low yoga teacher training cost Hyderabad with various other facilities.

Vinyasa Yoga teacher training course Hyderabad

Are you searching for the Best Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training Course Hyedrabad, India? Krishna Yoga Shala is the Best Yoga School/Ashram in Hyderabad provides Yoga Alliance Registered conventional Ashtanga Yoga & Vinyasa Flow Yoga Teacher Training Courses in Hyderabad for Beginners, Practitioner, and Masters.

We have been providing yoga teacher training for the last two decades. For teaching yoga, you need to get a certification if you thinking of making your career as a Yoga Teacher. The purpose of the "Krishna Yoga Shala, Hyderabad" is to spread knowledge and yoga philosophy to the people to secure better and healthy living.

The purpose of the "Krishna Yoga Shala in Hyderabad “is to promote yoga exercise as well as its philosophy. Significantly, we deliver a space where folks can easily discover yoga, mind-calming exercise, and also method self-self-awareness to awaken their souls with a targeted technique.

Our experts constantly aimed to circulate the know-how of doing yoga to our trainees in order that their eyesight for practice & training is crystal clear when their respective course gets accomplished. Our yoga instructor training course looks into the meaning of yoga exercise as a life pathway and explores life-altering wisdom. All the programs are actually signed up along with Yoga Alliance and also the certificate will be actually given to students.

We have certified yoga instructors in Hyderabad that will teach you diverse yoga courses in the short and long term both. These courses come with affordable yoga teacher training cost Hyderabad with certification.