Recipients of this certification can register as RYT-200 yoga teachers with Yoga Alliance

Krishna Yoga Shala is accredited under and authorized by Yoga Alliance. Recipients of this certification can register as RYT-200 yoga teachers with Yoga Alliance. The one exclusive sign of thorough knowledge is the power of teaching – Aristotle The joy of achieving success, of getting high results, of seeing oneself accomplish their goals, none of it matches anywhere close to seeing one’s student achieve their goals. The TTC at Krishna Yoga Shala helps you to attain that feeling of joy.

We bring you our 200 hours RYT certification that qualifies you to teach yoga at a global scale. Under this multi styled training, the student not only learns various internationally acclaimed skills and techniques to equip themselves as an expert yoga practitioner and teacher, but also gains expertise from different teachers with versatile approaches and diverse backgrounds, thus giving you a wide variety of techniques and teaching methodologies for your benefit. In the course of the 3 months of this training, our students gain a deeper understanding of their yoga practices, see physiological as well as behavioural changes in their lives, broaden their horizon and perspectives towards their practice and their life. Our breathing, meditation, and approaches to yoga enhance their spiritual awareness and mental state of mind that they then pass on to their students. Once certified, they become a part of the Krishna Yoga Shala family and can mutually associate themselves on our various initiatives. Krishna comes on a daily yoga show on etc life “yoga class”

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