Great teaching! I thoroughly enjoyed the classes and learnt a lot from Krishna. The classes are dynamic and there’s something fun to look forward to in every session. Krishna does a wonderful job of creating the right atmosphere and encouraging the students. Personally, he also helped me prepare for my TTC. Amazing , talented , dedicated and fun


Krishna is a superb instructor; it's only after I have moved counties and have gone through two instructors that I realise just how true that is. Please let me know if you ever plan to moving into Dubai! You will have students here before you step off

-Kriti Matwani

the plane
I wanted to try Yoga and Krishna made it interesting, yet challenging. I travel a lot for work and Yoga helped me with my back pain, flexibility and peace of mind.

-Karlo Gorrini

Project Manager
I have been working with Krishna to experience Yoga in a better way. I have improved my flexibility and best part had been I could go on with my daily activities without feeling stressed or exhausted. Krishna is very receptive to feedback in a positive manner which makes him easy to work with. Surely would recommend him.

-Karan G